Beyond-LEO Remote SensingMoon, Mars and deep space

Extracted subset of beyond-LEO and deep space remote sensing initiatives. Normally listed under Miscellaneous.

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Name Products & Services Category Service Type Field Status Oneliner Photo Logo
Lunar Station Corporation ISRU, Raw Materials & Asteroid Mining Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing,
Space Mining,
Lunar Data Analytics

Lunar Station partners with multispectral remote sensing companies to refine lunar insights while enabling a revenue generation channel.

Lunar Station Corporation
Moonscape Miscellaneous Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing,
Lunar Data Analytics
Moon Early stage

To provide on-demand high-quality imagery of sites from low lunar orbit.

Quantum Space In-Space Transportation,
Space Utilities
Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
In-Space Manufacturing,
On-Orbit Servicing,
In-Orbit Inspection,
Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing,
In-Space Logistics,
In-Space Communications Relay
Moon Development

Safe, Reliable, Affordable, and Routine Access to Cislunar Space. We are leading development of the space superhighway with the deployment of commercial capabilities — to provide data, perform future payload hosting, in-space testbed, deploy spacecraft, and perform in-space logistics services for our partners.

Quantum Space Quantum Space
Seven Sisters (Fleet Space) Raw Resources & Utilities,
ISRU, Raw Materials & Asteroid Mining
Commercial Rover,
Space Mining,
Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing,
Lunar Data Analytics
Lunar Rover
Early stage

The Australian lunar exploration mission to send nanosatellites and sensors to the Moon to search for accessible water. SEVEN SISTERS is a collaboration of Australian space, remote operations and resource exploration companies that has been established as a companion to the Artemis Moon to Mars mission.

Seven Sisters Seven Sisters (Fleet Space)
TRL Space LUGO (Lunar Geology Orbiter) Miscellaneous Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing,
Impactor Probe
Moon Development

Building a Moon mission to explore Lunar sub-surface structures by 2030. LUGO (Lunar Geology Orbiter) will probe irregular mare patches from a low-flying orbit before hitting one of them with an impactor.

TRL Space
Xplore XCRAFT Space Tug,
In-Space Transportation
Space Tug,
In-Space Logistics,
Beyond-LEO Remote Sensing
In-Space Transportation,
Transport Service (In-Space),
Transport Service (LEO-GEO),
Solar Sail

Xplore is flying commercial science missions to the Moon and asteroid on our XCRAFT.

Xplore Xplore