Cargo Transportation & LandersLanders and re-entry vehicles

Last updated: 2022-03-12

Name Service Status Description Logo
Agile Space Industries Commercial Sample Return,
Transport Service (Re-Entry)

Launching a Fast Space Future through Lean Rocket Science. We 3D print thrusters and propulsion systems for space vehicles.

Agile Space Industries
Astrobotic Transport Service (LEO-Moon) Development

The Peregrine Lander precisely and safely delivers payloads to lunar orbit and the lunar surface on each mission.

Draper Laboratory Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Rover,
Commercial Lunar Lander

We believe exciting things happen when we combine our diverse disciplines to imagine and create new solutions.

Draper Laboratory
Firefly Aerospace Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Space Tug

Firefly Aerospace is committed to providing economical and convenient access to space for small payloads through the design, manufacture and operation of reliable launch vehicles.

Firefly Aerospace
Firehawk Aerospace Commercial Lunar Lander Development

Rocket engine design and manufacturing company. Developing a variant of rocket engine codenamed ICEALOX that can make use of lunar natural resources for refueling on the lunar surface, in cis-lunar space, or in Earth orbit. A technology demonstration mission featuring lunar surface refueling is being planned by our firm and our partners for late 2025.

Firehawk Aerospace
Golden Spike Company Commercial Lunar Lander Dormant
Interspace Explore Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Microgravity Flight Service (Reusable Satellite),
Transport Service (Earth-LEO)

A Chinese startup is aiming to developing spacecraft capable of supplying China’s space station, with a first small demonstration launch set for 2022.

Intuitive Machines Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
In-Space Communications Relay

Payload sizes start at 21.5 kg for the smallest ISS deployed version.

Intuitive Machines
Inversion Space Transport Service (Re-Entry),
In-Space Manufacturing,
Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
Microgravity Flight Service (Reusable Satellite)

Reentry capsule to bring cargo from space back to Earth. 

Inversion Space
ispace Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Lunar Data Analytics

Lunar robotic exploration company that is developing micro-robotic technology to provide a low-cost and frequent transportation service to and from Moon.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Built Beresheet lander for non-profit organization SpaceIL.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Transport Service (Earth-LEO)

Small re-entry capsule to return payloads from ISS. HTV and HTV-X resupply ships.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Klaus Space Transportation Transport Service (Re-Entry),
In-Space Manufacturing,
Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
Microgravity Flight Service (Reusable Satellite)

We’re making space transportation sustainable.

Klaus Space Transportation
Lockheed Martin Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Human Landing System

McCandless Lunar Lander can transport up to 350 kg of cargo to the surface of the Moon and provide up to 400 W of power to operate there.

Lockheed Martin
Masten Space Systems Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Landing Pads

XL-1, is a small, single-use lander capable of placing a 100-kg payload on the lunar surface.

Masten Space Systems
MKB Raduga (Raduga Design Bureau) Transport Service (Re-Entry) Discontinued

1.5 m long, 60 cm in diameter, and had an unloaded mass of about 350 kg. Could return about 150 kg. Used about 10 times.

MKB Raduga (Raduga Design Bureau)
Moon Express Transport Service (LEO-Moon) Development

Redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its mysteries and resources for the benefit of humanity.

Moon Express
Northrop Grumman (Orbital Sciences) Transport Service (Earth-LEO) Active

NASA awarded $125.6 million to develop designs of space stations and other commercial destinations in space. 

Northrop Grumman (Orbital Sciences)
Obayashi Space Elevator,
Transport Service (Earth-LEO)

Obayashi pursues the potential for the future of the space elevator from a construction standpoint, and describes a newly-designed, whole-space elevator system, including its construction process

OHB Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Plans to launch a commercial lunar lander mission in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in late 2022 as it looks for government and commercial customers.

ORBITBeyond Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Cislunar transportation company providing global customers with reliable, repeated and affordable services to the lunar surface.

Outpost In-Space Manufacturing,
Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Transport Service (Re-Entry)

Deliver satellites to space and bring them home again. 

PTS (Planetary Transportation Systems) Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Bringing down the cost of exploration and building reusable space infrastructures so more people benefit from access to space.

PTS (Planetary Transportation Systems)
RadioBro Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Commercial Sample Return

Team LASER is developing a system to return small lunar samples. The system is considering multiple return methods, including direct return, aerobraking return, and rendezvous with a LEO spacecraft.

Reaction Engines Transport Service (Earth-LEO) Concept

Single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane.

Reaction Engines
RTSS (Reusable Vehicles Space Systems, MKTC) Transport Service (Re-Entry) Early stage

ARGO reusable transport spacecraft for the delivery of payload to the Space station and its return to the Earth.

RTSS (Reusable Vehicles Space Systems, MKTC)
SAB Launch Services Space Tug Development

SAB is working to a project called IOSHEXA (In Orbit Servicing HEXA).

SAB Launch Services
Shackleton Energy Transport Service (Re-Entry) Dormant

Small payload recovery. MOA signed in 2015 to use ISS.

Shackleton Energy
Sidereus Space Dynamics Space Tug,
Transport Service (Re-Entry),
In-Space Logistics

ASTREO capsule and internal SNC Dream Chaser Module for Landing Space Resources.

Sidereus Space Dynamics
SpaceDev Commercial Lunar Lander Dormant

SpaceDev, the world's first commercial space exploration and development company, intends to launch the first privately financed spacecraft to land on another planetary body. SpaceDev is selling rides for scientific instruments to governments and companies to transport their instruments and experiments through deep space to a near Earth asteroid. SpaceDev intends to sell the data acquired by its instruments as commercial products.

SpaceIL Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Non-profit organization aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon.

SpaceWorks Flight (Terminal Velocity) Transport Service (Re-Entry) Launched

Recoverable RED-4U and RED-25 will offer payload compartments for safe return of space-based manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceutical products. NASA Phase III SBIR awarded in 2016.

SpaceWorks Flight (Terminal Velocity)
SpaceX Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Transport Service (Re-Entry)

Dragon is a free-flying spacecraft designed to deliver both cargo and people to orbiting destinations.

Star Inc Space Elevator Concept

With in-house and SBIR funding for small business, STAR has developed new concepts space elevators for the Moon. 

t/Space (Transformational Space Corporation) Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Space Tourism Activities,
Transport Service (Re-Entry)

Participated in NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), and later, Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) programs for delivering cargo and crew to the International Space Station. 

Transorbital Commercial Lunar Lander Dormant

First private company granted permission by the U.S. government to explore, photograph, and land on the Moon.

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems (Terran Orbital) Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander

Concept for a commercial lunar lander.

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems (Terran Orbital)