CisLunar Industries

Developing the Space Foundry, an in-space processing and refining capability for structural materials, such as metals.

Created: 2018-11-01

Updated: 2024-02-24

CisLunar Industries
CisLunar Industries

Product/Service - Space Foundry

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CisLunar Industries is a space technology startup hoping to build metal foundries in space. The key to the technology is the use of debris as an input resource, enabling in-space manufacturing and accelerating space industrialization.

As a first-time recipient of NASA’s SBIR grant, CisLunar wants to develop an in-space recycling system that transforms spent components and large structures into repurposed, useful products for on-orbit 3D printing, construction, and refueling. The final output will be a uniform metal rod or ingot as feedstock for use in multiple potential applications, like AM.

MSF (Modular Space Foundry®)

CisLunar Industries is developing an alternative to launch: the patent-pending Micro Space Foundry (MSF) can turn orbital junk into raw materials.

As part of our NASA SBIR Phase-1 contract, we were able to rapidly prototype and demonstrate control of melt levitation and heating, and create our first rod casting machine in 6 months.
Along with other partners in the value chain, we demonstrated publicly through live demonstration in October 2021 the capability to manufacture a rod, which was then used to successfully generate thrust in an electric thruster as fuel.

As part of our NASA SBIR Phase-2 contract, we rigorously tested our Modular Space Foundry® prototype under microgravity conditions during our first parabolic flight test in November 2022.

With the results from this flight, our next iteration will take part in another parabolic flight in May 2023.

MCEPC (Modular Configurable Electric Power Converter)

Available for purchase, our modular configurable power converters for high-efficiency DC-to-AC and DC-to-DC applications pack a big punch in a small package.

CisLunar Industries and Partners Awarded $1.7M Contract by the U.S. Space Force

CisLunar Industries alongside partners Astroscale U.S., Colorado State University, and another yet to be named, have been awarded a $1.7M Direct-to-Phase II SBIR contract by SpaceWERX, the innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force (USSF).

This newly funded collaboration project directly addresses the Space Force’s desire to make space operations more resilient. The project will focus on a circular propulsion ecosystem based on the ability to recycle metal in space to enable enhanced satellite mobility. 
The consortium of Colorado-based organisations will work together to move the project from concept to execution, including developing the propellant rods and delivery systems, and generating market demand.

CisLunar Industries Secures Lunar Foothold with DARPA LunA-10 Win

December 5, 2023 – CisLunar Industries has been awarded a contract with DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for the LunA-10 (The 10-Year Lunar Architecture) capability study to advance critical technology efforts in lunar infrastructure development. CisLunar Industries will facilitate the development of the METAL framework (Material Extraction, Treatment, Assembly & Logistics), in collaboration with 13 other visionary companies.

The LunA-10 program aims to study the rapid development of non-terrestrial technology concepts designed to move away from individual scientific efforts within isolated, self-sufficient systems and toward a series of shareable, scalable, resource-driven systems that can operate jointly, creating monetizable services for future lunar stakeholders. 

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