GeoengineeringSpace-based geoengineering

Extracted subset of space-based geoengineering initiatives. Usually listed under In-Space Manufacturing or Miscellaneous.

Last updated: 2024-01-01. Entries: 2

Name Products & Services Category Service Type Field Status Oneliner Photo Logo
Ethos Space Raw Resources & Utilities,
ISRU, Raw Materials & Asteroid Mining,
In-Space Manufacturing
Propellant Refilling,
Propellant Refuel Station,
Space Mining,
Resources - Asteroid Mining
Planetary Sunshade

If you believe in a coming space economy, the greatest commercial opportunity is in-space propellant refueling. Our vision is to build a planetary sunshade to protect Earth.

Ethos Space
Planetary Sunshade Foundation Miscellaneous Geoengineering Planetary Sunshade Concept

A planetary sunshade could be the best solution for solar radiation management. We support research developing space technology for climate restoration.

Planetary Sunshade Foundation