In-Space Manufacturing of BiotechnologyTissue engineering and 3D bioprinting

Extracted subset of in-space manufacturing activities in the fields of biotechnology and applications such as medicine, stem cells, tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, organ growth, pharmaceuticals, drugs and more.

Last updated: 2023-03-15. Entries: 17

Name ISM Field ISM Destination ISM Process/Technology ISM Goods Status (ISM) Founded First Launch (ISM) Photo Logo
3D Bioprinting Solutions (Invitro) Biotechnology Earth Bioprinting Human organs 2) Demonstrated 2013 2018 3D Bioprinting Solutions 3D Bioprinting Solutions (Invitro)
Allevi (3D Systems) Biotechnology Space Bioprinting TBD 3) Development 2014 Not announced Allevi Allevi (3D Systems)
Blue Horizon Biotechnology Earth Bioreactor Microorganisms 3) Development 2021 Not announced Blue Horizon
Cedars-Sinai Biotechnology Earth Tissue Engineering Stem cells 3) Development 1902 2022 Cedars-Sinai
Greiner Bio-One Biotechnology Space Bioprinting Cell cultures 3) Development 1868 Not announced Greiner Bio-One
LambdaVision Biotechnology Earth Bioprinting Retinal implant 3) Development 2009 2020 LambdaVision LambdaVision
Merck Research Laboratories Biotechnology Earth Crystallization Pharmaceutics 2) Demonstrated 2004 2014 Merck Research Laboratories
Nortis Biotechnology Space Tissue Engineering Organ-on-chip, Tissue-on-chip 3) Development 2011 Not announced Nortis
nScrypt Biotechnology Earth Bioprinting Implants 2) Demonstrated 2002 2019 nScrypt
Prometheus Life Technologies Biotechnology Space Bioprinting Tissue-on-chip 4) Early / Concept 2022 Not announced Prometheus Life Technologies
Redwire Biotechnology Earth Glass Processing Pharmaceutics 3) Development 2010 Not announced Redwire
Redwire (Techshot) Biotechnology Earth Tissue Engineering Human organs 2) Demonstrated 1989 2019 Redwire Redwire (Techshot)
Space BD Biotechnology Earth Crystallization Pharmaceutics 1) Recurring / Active 2017 2021 Space BD Space BD
Space Labs (BioGravity) Biotechnology Earth Tissue Engineering Cell cultures 5) Dormant / Cancelled 2020 Not announced Space Labs (BioGravity)
Space Origami Biotechnology Earth Crystallization Crystals 4) Early / Concept 2018 Not announced Space Origami
SpacePharma Biotechnology Earth Tissue Engineering Pharmaceutics 2) Demonstrated 2012 2017 SpacePharma SpacePharma
Varda Space Industries Biotechnology Earth Crystallization Pharmaceutics 3) Development 2020 2023 Varda Space Varda Space Industries