In-Space Manufacturing of Microfabricated GoodsSemiconductors, solar cells etc

Extracted subset of in-space manufacturing activities using microfabrication processes resulting in goods such as semiconductors, solar cells, thin-films, ultra-thin coatings and many more, which are all microfabrication concepts or processes. Crystal growth may have overlap with advanced materials or biotechnology.

Last updated: 2023-03-15. Entries: 8

Name ISM Field ISM Destination ISM Process/Technology ISM Goods Status (ISM) Founded First Launch (ISM) Photo Logo
Astrobotic Microfabrication Surface Vacuum Deposition Solar cells 4) Early / Concept 2008 Not announced Astrobotic
Blue Origin Microfabrication Space Materials Processing Solar cells, Building Materials, Alloys, Mirrors 3) Development 2000 Not announced Blue Origin Blue Origin
Lunexus Space Microfabrication Space Recycling Solar cells 4) Early / Concept 2022 Not announced Lunexus Space Lunexus Space
Maana Electric Microfabrication Surface Crystallization Solar cells, Solar arrays 3) Development 2017 Not announced Maana Electric Maana Electric
Microgravity Research Associates Microfabrication Earth Vacuum Deposition Microchips 5) Dormant / Cancelled 1979 Dormant Microgravity Research Associates
Nebula Interplanetary Systems Microfabrication Earth Vacuum Deposition Microchips 4) Early / Concept 2021 Not announced Nebula Interplanetary Systems
Redwire (Made in Space) Microfabrication Earth Vacuum Deposition Semiconductors 3) Development 2020 2023 Redwire (Made in Space)
Space Forge Microfabrication Earth TBD Microchips, TBD 3) Development 2019 2025 Space Forge Space Forge