In-Space Manufacturing of Novelty GoodsJewelry, art, coffee etc

Extracted subset of in-space manufacturing activities in the fields of novelty and luxury goods, for example jewelry, art, wine, coffee and beer. Space-flown goods are not included here. There should be an in-space manufacturing step.

Last updated: 2024-03-03. Entries: 6

Name ISM Field ISM Destination ISM Process/Technology ISM Goods Status (ISM) Founded First Launch (ISM) Photo Logo
International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth TBD Fragrance 2) Demonstrated 1833 1998 International Flavors and Fragrances International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)
Sapporo Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth Food Growing System Beer, Barley 1) Recurring / Active 1876 2006 Sapporo
Space Craft Beer Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth Bioreactor Beer, Yeast 3) Development 2021 Dormant Space Craft Beer
Space Crystals Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth Crystallization Crystals 2) Demonstrated 2021 2022 Space Crystals Space Crystals
Space Roasters Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth Food Processing Coffee Beans 5) Dormant / Cancelled 2018 Dormant Space Roasters Space Roasters
Stellar Luxuries Novelty & Luxury Goods Earth Food Processing Whisky 4) Early / Concept 2023 2025 Stellar Luxuries