Astreas (Mission: Space Food)

At Mission: Space Food, we believe that food is a way to inspire connectivity to yourself and to the world around you. We're a team of Data-Driven Nutritionists, Astronauts, Michelin-Star chefs who are committed to creating the future of food.

Created: 2020-12-18

Updated: 2022-02-27

Mission Space Food
Astreas (Mission: Space Food)


Space Tourism Support
Food for Space
3) Development
First launch

Mission: Space Food is inventing the technology to enable multi-sensory pleasure of food in weightlessness, making meals more enticing and healthy for space crews.
In space, astronauts'​ senses of smell and taste are impeded, meaning that even recipes they typically love on earth tend to taste bland in zero gravity. More pleasurable food experiences can have important benefits for astronauts'​ overall wellbeing, health, and for collaboration among them.
To address this gap, Mission: Space Food is leveraging food science to develop the recipes and food technology to create enticing meals and snacks for astronauts. 

Redefining the multi-sensory pleasure of food in space. Scientific solutions to build healthy eating habits for life.
We're a food innovation company redefining the modern diet by creating next-generation products that don't compromise between great taste & nutrition.


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