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Extracted subset of space entertainment initiatives. Normally listed under Miscellaneous.

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Name Products & Services Category Service Type Field Status Oneliner Photo Logo
ALE (Astro Live Experiences) Sky Canvas Miscellaneous Space Entertainment - Active

Sky Canvas, will allow man-made shooting stars available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

ALE ALE (Astro Live Experiences)
Avisa Space Space Tourism Space Entertainment,
Space Tourism Support,
Space Tourism Activities
Space Tourism Early stage

We are the world’s first online booking platform for space travel.

Avisa Space
Blastoff! (Spacelab) Lunar 1 Commercial Rover,
Commercial Lander
Commercial Rover,
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Space Entertainment
Lunar Rover Dormant

Blastoff! Corporation was a small aerospace company in Pasadena, California, that operated from 1999 to early 2001 as one of dozens of Idealab's incubator companies, created to capitalize on the public interest in space travel and exploration.

Dreamtime Miscellaneous Space Entertainment - Dormant

Dreamtime planned to provide HDTV cameras and connectivity to the ISS in exchange for the rights to a certain amount of on-orbit astronaut time for example to make weather announcements.

Estee Lauder Miscellaneous Space Entertainment,
Novelty Demonstrated

Flying 10 bottles of skin serum to the ISS, where 3 will be auctioned off for charity when returned and 7 used for photography within the cupola, at $128,000.

Estee Lauder Estee Lauder
Hopstronautix Miscellaneous,
In-Space Manufacturing
Space Entertainment,
In-Space Manufacturing,
Food for Earth,
Early stage
Mars One Miscellaneous Space Entertainment,
Commercial Mars Base,
Human Landing System,
Human Spaceflight
Mars Dormant

It is Mars One's goal to establish a human settlement on Mars.

Mars One Mars One
MirCorp Mini Station 1 Commercial Space Station,
Space Tourism
Commercial Space Station,
Space Entertainment,
Commercial Astronaut Services
Space Tourism Dormant

MirCorp was created by visionaries who understood that the time had arrived when the private sector was able to run manned space operations.

Moon Mark Miscellaneous Space Entertainment,
Commercial Rover
- Development

Moon Mark captures the adventures of high school students from around the world who will compete in 2021 to design, build, land, and race two vehicles on the Moon.

Moon Mark
MoonXcribe Miscellaneous Space Entertainment Space Arks Early stage

MoonXcribe is a once in a lifetime endeavour to preserve human culture through messages of love, life and remembrance in the lunar dust. We’ve put humans on the Moon, now we can put humanity on the Moon.​

MoonXcribe MoonXcribe
Ninkasi Brewing Company Miscellaneous Space Entertainment Suborbital,

Launched six vials of years on a suborbital flight Of those vials, four survived: two with an ale yeast used as the basis for the new beer.

Ninkasi Brewing Company
Selenian Miscellaneous Space Entertainment - Dormant

'Selenian' is a company that specializes in the curation of artwork for space. In collaboration with 'Astrobotic' and 'NASA,' the company will place a unique art installation on the Moon. 

Selenian Selenian
Space 11 (ILBE, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment) Galactic Combat Miscellaneous Space Entertainment Movie or TV show Early stage

Space11 is a new Business Unit launched by ILBE thanks to an agreement with Space 11 Corp for the use of the brand and formats to produce entertainment events in outer space.

Space 11 (ILBE, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment)
Space Entertainment Enterprise SEE-1 Commercial Space Station Commercial ISS Module,
Space Entertainment
Movie or TV show Development

Called SEE-1, the space station module would be “the world’s first content and entertainment studios and multipurpose arena in space.

Space Entertainment Enterprise Space Entertainment Enterprise
Space Hero (TDGA Holdings) Miscellaneous Space Entertainment Movie or TV show Early stage

A planned reality TV show aims to take one lucky contestant into the final frontier.

Space Hero (TDGA Holdings)
Space Nation (Cohu Entertainment) Miscellaneous Space Entertainment On-Earth,

Space Nation offers authentic astronaut training and adventure experiences for individuals and organizations.

Space Nation (Cohu Entertainment)
Space United Miscellaneous Space Entertainment - Early stage

Build a professional sports club uniting space & soccer as a force to uplift all people of Earth.

Space United
Spacehab Enterprise Commercial Space Station Commercial Space Station,
Commercial ISS Module,
Space Entertainment
Commercial ISS Module Cancelled

Spacehab owns and operates supply and research modules that are carried on NASA's space shuttles. Its modules also supply Russia's Mir space station with items ranging from food to clothing to technical equipment.

Spacehab announced a partnership with Energia to develop a commercial module called Enterprise for the station’s Russian segment. Enterprise never moved beyond the concept stage.

Spacehab, a Houston-based firm that builds laboratory modules for conducting research in orbit, in 2000 spun off a venture with the Russians called Space Media, which would use a new commercial module, Enterprise, that the company hopes to dock to the space station in order to “develop space-related media and edutainment [sic] opportunities.” The business plan may have been slightly ahead of its time, however. A year later Space Media was laying off staff, and is now biding its time before rushing to put the first studio in orbit.

Spacehab Spacehab