Space UtilitiesElectricity, communications, water, propellant

Last updated: 2022-10-01

Name Service Status Description Logo
AGPower92 Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fission Power
Early stage

Economic and efficient power for deep space applications for missions lasting 15 years and beyond.

Aquarian Space In-Space Communications Relay Early stage

Creating the Communication Infrastructure for the Future of Humanity in Space.

Aquarian Space
ATLAS Space Operations In-Space Communications Relay,
Deep Space Communications

World’s First Laser Communication Link from the Lunar Surface.

ATLAS Space Operations
Azimut Space ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization),
Resources - Energy

Azimut Space GmbH (formerly Sonaca Space) is a Space Engineering company with more than 12 years experience in thermo-mechanical engineering and in the development of payloads and subsystems.

Azimut Space
BWX Technologies Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fission Power
Early stage

Conceptual designs of an NTP reactor in hopes of powering a future manned mission to Mars.

BWX Technologies
CACI (LSG Innovations) In-Space Communications Relay Development

LGS Innovations is helping NASA adopt laser communications.

CACI (LSG Innovations)
Celestial In-Space Communications Relay Concept

Deploy a small-satellite relay constellation in lunar polar orbit.

Cloud Constellation In-Orbit Computing,
In-Orbit Data Storage

Space-based cloud storage. An array of equatorial low earth orbiting data center satellites. Much more secure and in some cases better-performing. 10-gigabit laser communications links between satellites.

Cloud Constellation
CommStar Space Communications In-Space Communications Relay Early stage

Intention to deploy an advanced, proprietary data relay satellite (“CommStar-1”) to be located between the Earth and the Moon by 2023.

CommStar Space Communications
CosmoX In-Space Communications Relay Concept

Developing cutting-edge orbital & interplanetary tech to save lives, disrupt the space industry, and protect the environment!

EnergySpace Company Power Beaming Concept

Power beaming and space solar company.

EnergySpace Company
Eternal Light Photonics Corp Power Beaming,
Resources - Energy

Astrolight – a collaboration between Astrobotic and Montreal startup Eternal Light Photonics Corp. – won $50,000 for its wireless mobile power beaming solution.

Extra Terrestrial Power Resources - Energy Concept

Electricity provider of the solar system. Enabling humanity's future venturing into the solar system is in our DNA. Available Lunar electricity is going to be the key enabler.

Extra Terrestrial Power
Fibertek In-Space Communications Relay,
Deep Space Communications

Will advance optical communications technologies for small spacecraft around the Moon and beyond. The system could establish high bandwidth communications in the vicinity of the Moon to relay vast amounts of data from lunar landers to Earth.

Gryphon Technologies Nuclear Fission Power Development

Gryphon Technologies Wins $14M DARPA Task Order to Support Demonstration and Development of the High-Assay Low Enriched Uranium Nuclear Thermal Propulsion System.
Specifically, Gryphon will support the development and demonstration of a High-Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU) Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) system. The new rocket will enable the U.S. military to operate spacecraft in cislunar space, which is the region outside Earth’s atmosphere and extending out to just beyond the Moon’s orbit. “A successfully demonstrated NTP system will provide a leap-ahead in space propulsion capability, allowing agile and rapid transit over vast distances as compared to present propulsion approaches,” said Dr. Tabitha Dodson, Gryphon’s Chief Engineer on the support team and a national expert in NTP systems.

Gryphon Technologies
Hedy-Anthiel In-Space Communications Relay Concept

Our mission is to connect the solar system with all of the capabilities that we have here on Earth.

HelicitySpace Resources - Energy,
Space Tug,
Nuclear Fusion Power,
In-Space Logistics
Early stage

In-space propulsion and power technology critical to humanity's expansion into the solar system.

Howe Industries Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Radioisotope Power,
Solar Thermal Propulsion,
Active Debris Removal (ADR)

Develop these space based power systems, which includes radioisotope fueled systems and reactor based systems. In order to take the human race further than previously thought possible.

Howe Industries
Hypergiant In-Space Communications Relay Early stage

Hypergiant Galactic’s space-based communications system will use small satellites to create a relay network, bouncing signals between Earth and humans in space.

Indicium In-Space Communications Relay,
In-Orbit Data Storage

Moon Server - Fully independent data center with enough capacity to provide backup data storage for multiple entities, both for future lunar infrastructure and space missions as well as for terrestrial purposes.

Ion Power Group Resources - Energy Idea

Ion Harvesting Technology – a new and better way to generate clean electricity day and night on Earth, Mars and up to 10 planets and moons by utilizing patented carbon nanofiber to extract useful electricity from ions native to a planet’s atmosphere.

Ion Power Group
KC Space Pirates (Kansas City Space Pirates) Resources - Energy Development

KC Space Pirates, a team of inventors and space enthusiasts won $50,000 for their proposed laser power beaming concepts.

KC Space Pirates (Kansas City Space Pirates)
Kepler Communications In-Space Communications Relay Development

Kepler’s ultimate goal is to deliver in-space connectivity to address the data need from space faring assets, and support the future space economy.

Kepler Communications
LEOcloud In-Orbit Computing,
In-Orbit Data Storage
Early stage

At LEOcloud we define space edge as the intersection of space and cloud, where we offer seamless satellite-based and terrestrial cloud infrastructure and services.

Liftport Group Space Elevator,
In-Space Communications Relay,
Commercial Space Station
Early stage

LiftPort Group is committed to leading the frontier of human expansion into space. Our project has been in development for almost two decades and has evolved from the original project of an Earth Elevator, into our main focus now, the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Our concept is to create a permanent system on the Moon that is reusable, replaceable and expandable, to open up the resources present on the Moon, expand our presence in space, and improve life here on Earth.

Liftport Group
Lunar Night Survival Resources - Energy Concept, Dormant

Proposes a scalable power generation and distribution system to enable a sustained presence on the Moon.

Lunar Night Survival
Nokia In-Space Communications Relay Development

Nokia Bell Labs’ pioneering innovations will be used to build and deploy the first ultra-compact, low-power, space-hardened, end-to-end LTE solution on the lunar surface in late 2022.

NuPromethean Technologies (NPT) Resources - Energy Early stage

Graphene Based Radiation Protection. Enabling space exploration through cutting edge nanotechnology. 

NuPromethean Technologies (NPT)
Photonicity Resources - Energy Early stage

Optical wireless power transfer for remote applications.

Plus Ultra Space Outposts In-Space Communications Relay Early stage

At Plus Ultra Space Outposts we work on off-world infrastructure to enable the development of the space economy.

Plus Ultra Space Outposts
Princeton Satellite Systems Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fusion Power

Developing advanced technology for the aerospace and energy sectors. 

Princeton Satellite Systems
Pulsar Fusion Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fusion Power
Early stage

Pursuing D-He3 fusion for
its off-grid possibilities such as defence, transport and space exploration.

Pulsar Fusion
Satellite Squared Resources - Energy Early stage

Working towards a human presence in space through the conception, development, and exploitation of new and financially sustainable space business activities.

Satellite Squared
Skytech Holdings Suborbital Space Tourism,
Resources - Asteroid Mining,
Intra-Solar Banking,
Space Mining
Early stage

International private interplanetary research and development corporation that is actively pursuing resources, data, and high velocity targets of living, traveling, and commerce that succeed in being suitable for prolonged, unified and enhancing human life on earth, and in the cosmos.

Skytech Holdings
Solar Space Technologies Space Solar Power Early stage

Planning to deliver a solar power satellite into geostationary orbit to supply baseload energy to the Australian grid by 2027.

Solar Space Technologies
Solar.Space Resources - Energy Idea, Dormant

Providing wireless electrical energy to other satellites.

Solaren Space Solar Power Early stage

Provide clean power for the planet. Design, develop, launch, and operate the world’s first Space Solar Power plants.

Solstar Space Company In-Space Communications Relay Development

We provide space-to-space communications on spacecraft and bi-directional two-way data services for payloaders.

Solstar Space Company
Space Initiatives In-Space Communications Relay Concept

Development and deployment of 50-gram femtosatellites in LEO. Lunar surface data comms network, and ballistic delivery system.

Space Initiatives
Space Nukes (Space Nuclear Power Corporation) Resources - Energy Development

SpaceNukes specializes in the design and fabrication of fission reactor power systems for use in outer space - for the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Space Power Resources - Energy Development

Space Power’s long term vision is to create a global in-orbit wireless power grid in LEO - improving baseline efficiency, sustainably. We can see the demand for more power growing exponentially from existing and emerging sectors such as space tourism, IoT constellations and exploratory missions to the Moon and Mars.

Space Power
Spacefaring Services Resources - Energy Dormant

Space-to-space & Space-to-surface power beaming technology.

SpaceX In-Space Communications Relay,
Deep Space Communications

SpaceX's Starship and Super Heavy Rocket represent a fully reusable transportation system designed to service all Earth orbit needs as well as the Moon and Mars.

Spacians Space Solar Power Early stage

Spacians designs and innovates new innovations for next generation space technology.

Spatiam Corporation In-Space Communications Relay,
Deep Space Communications
Early stage

At Spatiam Corporation we envision the future of space communications: the Interplanetary Internet - a reliable, efficient, and adaptive Commercial Space Network that will connect humans and science everywhere.

Spatiam Corporation
SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technologies) In-Space Communications Relay Development

Lunar Pathfinder is a Commercial Lunar Mission Support Service to provide data services via S-band and UHF links to lunar assets, and an X-band link to Earth.

SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technologies)
STELLA Resources - Energy Concept

Space Earth Energy Ecosystem project SEEE. Establish energy eco-system to support future space colonization. 

The Lunar Grid Resources - Energy Early stage

The Lunar Grid will provide all actors across the lunar surface with a continuous power supply. By setting up an efficient and agile power distribution network, we will be able to deliver electrical energy at minimal cost and open up a whole new lunar era.

The Lunar Grid
Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (UNSC) Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fission Power

Our mission is to enable the settlement of outer space and meet humanity’s clean energy needs through developing commercial nuclear technologies.

Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (UNSC)
US Nuclear Corp Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fusion Power

Radiation detection company US Nuclear Corp is trying to woo NASA into signing a contract to develop a fusion-powered spacecraft propulsion system that could take future space travelers all the way to Mars.

US Nuclear Corp
Virtus Solis Space Solar Power Early stage

The impetus for Virtus Solis is to provide clean, low-cost renewable energy that directly supplants primary energy production for all terrestrial uses and eventually even extra-terrestrial.

X-Energy Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Fission Power

We’re building the next generation nuclear reactor that will meet our future energy needs on—and off—Planet Earth.

XISP (Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships) Resources - Energy,
Power Beaming
Early stage

Space-to-space and space-to-Near Earth Object (NEO) surface power beaming technology (a.k.a. Space Based Solar Power (SBSP)) can be readily matured to support both mission enhancing and mission enabling applications.

XISP (Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships)
Zeno Power Systems Resources - Energy,
Nuclear Radioisotope Power

At Zeno, we are developing a next-generation radioisotope power system that converts the heat from recycled nuclear waste into electricity.

Zeno Power Systems