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SpaceBorn United

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Early stage
First launch

After validation missions with animal models, eventually also human babies will be conceived in space, for the first time in history. Enabled by our research roadmap and our space missions program.

SpaceBorn United is the first bio-tech and missions development company that will enable human conception and embryo development in space feasible and eventually also enable human pregnancy and birth in space.

First bio-tech and mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023 and enable real human birth in space by 2028.

Missions program
The long-term missions of SpaceBorn United and the research outcomes are translated into a carefully designed roadmap of space missions. Each missions is established with the help of medical, technical, ethical and legal experts and provides key input for each subsequent missions. Initial timelines have been adjusted based on advancing expert insights. Prior to each missions all procedures and medical equipment is carefully tested during validation missions, using animal cells.
Missions ARTIS – human conception in space
We are developing a new ‘Space-Embryo-Incubator’ which is sent into space and contains male and female reproduction cells. The first validation missions it will contain mouse cells. In the subsequent missions human stem cell embryos and eventually human reproduction cells. Once in space (low Earth orbit) the embryos are conceived and start developing in an artificial Earth like gravity level. After 5 days the embryos are cryogenically frozen and the incubator returns to Earth where the embryos are examined. The pregnancy period and birth will occur on earth.
Missions Cradle – human childbirth in space
“It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby-step for mankind” said Dr. Egbert Edelbroek (CEO). A bold, yet realistic long term objective of SpaceBorn United the actual birth of the first human baby in space. During a 24-36 hour missions a woman will give birth in low Earth orbit (at 250 miles altitude), accompanied by a trained world class medical team. A carefully prepared and monitored process reduces all possible risks below the existing Western levels on Earth for both mother and child.
Schedule on the website as of late 2023:

  • **Q3-4 2023 ARTIS test flight - **First prototype test in real flight conditions. No biological samples inside satellite yet.
  • Q4 2024 **ARTIS Mission I - **Validation & tech demo enabling mammalian conception & early embryo development.
  • **2025 ARTIS Mission II - **Optimized prototype enabling conception, embryo development & cryogenic protection.
  • 2026 **ARTIS Mission III - **Applying proven ARTIS technology to human stem cell embryo development.
  • **2027 ARTIS Mission IV - **Fully optimized ARTIS technology enabling human conception, embryo development & cryogenic protection.
  • 2028 **ARTIS Mission V - **Conception, early embryo development & cryogenic protection in partial gravity.


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