Surface Habitats & Surface StructuresFacilities on planetary surfaces

Last updated: 2022-03-12

Name Service Status Description Logo
4th Planet Logistics Surface Habitats Early stage

Overarching goal is to create and test various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars.

4th Planet Logistics
AI Spacefactory Surface Habitats Development

Makers of smart buildings, 3D printed constructs, and off-world habitats.

AI Spacefactory
Astreia Surface Habitats Early stage

Astreia builds autonomous habitats, built in factories and integrated with software for optimized environmental control and resource usage. Stay in one of our habitats, starting 2021.

Astroport Space Technologies (XArc) Space Construction Company Development

Astroport turns moon dust into bricks and materials for 3D construction printing of lunar infrastructure such as roads, habitats and landing facilities.

Astroport Space Technologies (XArc)
Crowdspace Surface Habitats Concept

Taking part in Mars Colony Prize contest organized by Mars Society. But the contest itself is not the limit. Based on our initial concept, we are currently drawing a roadmap to make a colony on Mars happen.

Deep Space Ecology In-Space Manufacturing,
Surface Habitats
Early stage

Cultivate a better world through robust, self-sufficient agro-ecological systems for the deep spaces of Earth and our solar system, or for your back yard and local farmers. Our mission is to make food accessible to everyone on Earth, Mars, and beyond.

Deep Space Ecology
Hassell Studio Surface Habitats Concept

We set out to design the perfect habitat for space explorers on the red planet as part of NASA’s international 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.

Hassell Studio
ICON Space Construction Company,
Surface Habitats

Space-based construction system to support future exploration of the Moon. ICON develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials.

ILC Dover Surface Habitats,

Continues to develop and manufacture a variety of inflatable habitats, air-locks and shelters for use in earth orbit and lunar / planetary exploration.

ILC Dover
Instarz Surface Habitats Early stage

We design and manufacture self-sustainable space habitats and space technologies.

Interstellar Lab Surface Habitats Development

Interstellar Lab develops and builds space-inspired villages on Earth.

Interstellar Lab
LavaHive Surface Habitats Concept

Our future is cast in lava.

Proudly Human Surface Habitats Early stage

Research and technology for a resilient and ProudlyHuman future on Earth, Mars and beyond.

Proudly Human
Relativity Space Surface Habitats,
Space Construction Company,
Commercial Space Station

Building Humanity's Multiplanetary Future. We have a vision of scaling and sustaining an interplanetary society, with the goal of printing and launching the first rocket made on Mars. We believe in a future where interplanetary life fundamentally expands the possibilities for human experience. Our long-term vision is to upgrade humanity’s industrial base on Earth and on Mars.

Relativity Space
SAGA Space Architects Surface Habitats Early stage

SAGA is a design practice working on making space livable for future space travelers.

SAGA Space Architects
SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) Space Architecture Office,
Surface Habitats

Develops human-supporting design concepts for living in space and space exploration.

SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture)
Spartan Space Surface Habitats Development

Developing technologies that will enable humans to live and work in the extreme environments of space and underwater.

Spartan Space
Stellar Amenities Surface Habitats Early stage

Stellar Amenities designs highly functional and comfortable places in small spaces from Earth to Mars and everywhere in between.

Stellar Amenities
United Space Structures Surface Habitats,
In-Space Assembly
Early stage

A robotics company for manufacturing and construction in space using 3D printing/additive manufacturing.

United Space Structures