Surface Habitats & Surface StructuresFacilities on planetary surfaces

List of commercial surface habitats, facilities and bases for Moon and Mars.

Last updated: 2024-03-03. Entries: 24

Name Products & Services Category Service Type Field Status Oneliner Photo Logo
4th Planet Logistics Mars Lava Tube Pressurization Project (MLTPP) Surface Habitat Surface Habitats - Concept

Overarching goal is to create and test various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars.

4th Planet Logistics 4th Planet Logistics
AI Spacefactory ASTRA Surface Habitat Surface Habitats,
Space Construction Company
- Development

Makers of smart buildings, 3D printed constructs, and off-world habitats.

AI Spacefactory AI Spacefactory
Astrea (Astreia) Surface Habitat Surface Habitats - Cancelled, Concept

We are building a network of intelligent homes across Earth to first transition the world to sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to build the first city on Mars.

Astrea Astrea (Astreia)
Astroport Space Technologies (XArc, Exploration Architecture) Surveyorbot Surface Habitat Space Construction Company,
Landing Pads,
Commercial Rover
Moon Development

Astroport turns moon dust into bricks and materials for 3D construction printing of lunar infrastructure such as roads, habitats and landing facilities.

Astroport Space Technologies Astroport Space Technologies (XArc, Exploration Architecture)
Crowdspace Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Mars,

Taking part in Mars Colony Prize contest organized by Mars Society.

Deep Space Ecology In-Space Manufacturing,
Surface Habitat
In-Space Manufacturing,
Surface Habitats
Food for Space Early stage, Dormant

Cultivate a better world through robust, self-sufficient agro-ecological systems for the deep spaces of Earth and our solar system, or for your back yard and local farmers. Our mission is to make food accessible to everyone on Earth, Mars, and beyond.

Deep Space Ecology Deep Space Ecology
Hassell Studio Surface Habitat Surface Habitats - Concept

We set out to design the perfect habitat for space explorers on the red planet as part of NASA’s international 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.

Hassell Studio Hassell Studio
ICON Olympus,
Lunar Lantern
Surface Habitat Space Construction Company,
Surface Habitats
- Development

Space-based construction system to support future exploration of the Moon. ICON develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials.

ILC Dover Sol (Launch, Entry, Abort Spacesuit) Surface Habitat,
Space Tourism
Surface Habitats,
Inflatables Development

Continues to develop and manufacture a variety of inflatable habitats, air-locks and shelters for use in earth orbit and lunar / planetary exploration.

ILC Dover ILC Dover
Indigo Aerospace Design Surface Habitat,
Surface Habitats Surface,
Space Construction Company
Early stage

Developing revolutionary concepts to advance the exploration, commercialization & human settlement of space.

Indigo Aerospace Design
Instarz Remnant Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Moon,
Dormant, Early stage

We design and manufacture self-sustainable space habitats and space technologies.

Instarz Instarz
Interstellar Lab BioPod,
Surface Habitat,
In-Space Manufacturing
Surface Habitats,
In-Space Manufacturing
Food for Earth,
Food for Space

We pave the way towards bio-regenerative life-support system by developing controlled-environment modules for plant cultivation beyond Earth.

Interstellar Lab Interstellar Lab
LavaHive Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Mars Dormant, Concept

NASA Awards Top Three Design Finalists in 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge of 2015. Third place was awarded to Team LavaHive.

LavaHive LavaHive
Living Disk Company Surface Habitat,
Commercial Lander
Surface Habitats,
Commercial Lander
- Concept

We believe that our spaceship habitat has the potential to support your future LEO and lunar settlement ambitions!

Living Disk Company
Pneumocell PneumoPlanet Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Inflatables Concept

Inflatable structures specialist Pneumocell in Austria performed a system study in 2021 of an inflatable lunar habitat, based on prefabricated ultralight structures.

Pneumocell Pneumocell
Proudly Human The Project Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Surface Concept

Series of off-world settlement experiments, demonstrating off-grid capabilities from life-support to communication systems, as well as community spirit, in the most extreme environments on Earth, in preparation for the first off-world settlements on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Proudly Human
Relativity Space Stargate,
Surface Habitat,
Commercial Space Station,
In-Space Manufacturing,
Cargo Transport Service
Surface Habitats,
Space Construction Company,
Commercial Space Station,
In-Space Manufacturing
Space Construction Company,
Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
Concept, Development

Relativity helping build on Mars by initially sending a small 3D-printer for “the first object manufactured on another planet by humanity.

Relativity Space Relativity Space
SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) Lunar Lantern,
Lunar Landing Pad,
Mars X-House V1
Surface Habitat Space Architecture Office,
Surface Habitats,
Landing Pads
Space Architecture Office Concept

Produce innovative 'human-centered' designs which enable human beings to not only live, but thrive in space environments beyond Earth. 

Space Exploration Architecture SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture)
Spartan Space EUROHAB Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Moon,

A brief outlook of the EUROHAB, a Lunar habitat concept developed by Spartan Space.

Spartan Space Spartan Space
Stellar Amenities Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Space Architecture Office Concept

Stellar Amenities is a space deep tech startup developing NewSpace defining products and services for human expansion beyond Earth.

Stellar Amenities Stellar Amenities
Teague Surface Habitat Space Architecture Office Space Architecture Office Concept

Teague shares a vision for future life on the Moon, applying human-centered design principles to improve mission performance.

Thales Alenia Space Multi-Purpose Habitat Surface Habitat Surface Habitats Moon Development

Multi-Purpose Habitat (MPH) aims be the first permanent outpost on the Moon.

Thales Alenia Thales Alenia Space
The Lunar Resources Company Artemis Project Surface Habitat Commercial Moon Base,
Space Advocacy,
Surface Habitats
Moon Concept

Our goal is to establish an enduring private sector destination that opens the path for you to visit the Moon, at a price you would expect to pay for the luxury-class European capital tour.

The Lunar Resources Company The Lunar Resources Company
United Space Structures Surface Habitat Surface Habitats,
In-Space Assembly,
In-Orbit Data Storage,
Lunar Data Center
Large Space Structures,
Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
Early stage

Our mission is to build a large self-sustaining facility that will house hundreds of people and to start construction by 2026.

United Space Structures United Space Structures