Surface SpacecraftRovers, drones and hoppers

Last updated: 2022-10-01

Name Service Status Description Logo
Blastoff! (Spacelab) Commercial Rover,
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Space Entertainment
Canadensys Aerospace Corporation Commercial Rover Development

Micro-technologies and modern business models for more affordable, accessible exploration beyond Earth orbit.

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation
Ceres Robotics Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Early stage

Build robots for the construction of facilities and habitats on the Moon, Mars, asteroids and beyond.

Ceres Robotics
CubeRover (Astrobotic) Commercial Rover Development

Our robotic rovers are the first ever of their kind.

CubeRover (Astrobotic)
Dereum Labs Commercial Rover,
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)

We expand Earth industries to become a part of the upcoming interplanetary economy and boost the development of the first settlements on lunar and martian surfaces.

Dereum Labs
Dymon Commercial Rover Development

Send the first Japanese lunar rover onboard the Peregrine lunar lander to the Moon in 2021.

Exobotics Commercial Rover Early stage

Developing the world’s first modular roving platform, offering low-cost, high-performance solutions for lunar operation.

General Motors Commercial Rover Concept

Lockheed Martin and General Motors are partnering to develop a new type of lunar vehicle for NASA to use during its upcoming Artemis missions to the moon.

GITAI Space Robotics,
Commercial Rover

GITAI build the remote controlled robot to replace astronaut's operations in commercial space stations.

Guracorp Commercial Rover Concept
Lexus Commercial Rover Idea

Lexus imagines space vehicles for humans on the Moon.

LunaCorp Commercial Rover Dormant

Aimed to send its own, unmanned Lunar Rover to the moon in 1999, financed entirely by the private sector.

Lunar Outpost Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Early stage

Lunar Outpost is an advanced technology company with a focus on developing technologies that have both terrestrial and space applications.

Lunar Outpost
Nissan Motor Co Commercial Rover Concept

Teamed up with JAXA, Japan's space agency, to apply our e-4ORCE electrified all-wheel precision control technology to their next lunar rover. 

Puli Space Commercial Rover,
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization),
Resources - Asteroid Mining

Fly the first Hungarian payload to the Moon.

Puli Space
Redwire Commercial Rover Development

Formed by the combination of Adcole Space and Deep Space Systems, Redwire is a new leader in mission critical space solutions and high reliability components for the next generation space architecture.

Spacebit Commercial Rover Development

Spacebit is developing the world's first walking lunar rover that will go the Moon in 2021

Team AngelicvM Commercial Rover Cancelled

Google Lunar XPRIZE team from Chile, to the surface of the Moon on Astrobotic’s first lunar mission.

Team AngelicvM
Team Indus Commercial Rover Development

Deep technology company, engineering path-breaking solutions that take on critical challenges for humanity.

Team Indus
Tesla Commercial Rover Concept

Tesla Cybertruck on Mars: Elon Musk playfully ponders sending a pickup to the Red Planet.

Toyota Commercial Rover Development

JAXA and Toyota signed a joint research agreement to work on a manned pressurized lunar rover last year, on June 13, 2019, with an expected launch date in the latter half of the 2020s.

Xtend Design Commercial Rover Concept

A Skoda Enyaq-inspired moon rover aptly called Luniaq. Announced during the Czech Space Week, the concept was presented in the largest virtual reality laboratory in Europe, the Virtuplex.

Xtend Design