Space Economy MiscellaneousVarious NewSpace orbital economy entities

Last updated: 2022-03-12

Name Service Status Description Logo
4 Pines Beer Space Tourism Support Concept

World’s first beer for space.

4 Pines Beer
AAKA Space Space Architecture Office Early stage

Finding the pathway from Impossible to possible through space architecture for future space missions.

AeroG Parabolic Flight Service Early stage

Following the Startup Weekend Space Edition in Toulouse in April 2019, we are exploring the needs of users to open zero-g flight to as many people as possible!

Air Liquide Space Laboratory Equipment Active

Air Liquide designed and developed MELFI, a turbo space fridge, for the European Space Agency (ESA), so that biological and scientific samples can be stored at a temperature of up to -95°C before being brought down to Earth for analysis.

Air Liquide
Airbus Spaceplane (EADS Astrium) Suborbital Space Tourism,
Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital)

The Airbus Defence and Space Spaceplane, also called EADS Astrium TBN according to some sources,[1] is a suborbital spaceplane concept for carrying space tourists, proposed by EADS Astrium (currently Airbus Defence and Space), the space subsidiary of the European consortium EADS (currently Airbus).

Akin AI Helper Development

Develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) space crew with personas working together to help astronauts with complex system tests.

ALE (Astro Live Experiences) Space Entertainment Active

We aim to create a place for people to enjoy the beauty and the possibilities of space in order to entice human curiosity and accelerate space development.

ALE (Astro Live Experiences)
Analogs Space Funerals,
Memorial Spaceflight Service
Early stage

The concept of holding funerals on Mars was developed by a company known as Analogs LLC, which participated in a simulated Mars mission in Hawaii last month.

Angiex Microgravity Science Development

In July of 2018, Angiex launched an experiment to the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory to test our highly selective cancer therapy that targets both tumor cells and the endothelial cells of tumor blood vessels. Our project was supported by a MassChallenge “Technology in Space Prize,” awarded by the ISS National Laboratory and Boeing.

Arch Mission Foundation Miscellaneous Development

Mission is to preserve and disseminate humanity's most important information across time and space, for the benefit of future generations.

Arch Mission Foundation
AromAtom Miscellaneous Early stage

What does space smell like? Come with us and find out! Engaging with science through olfactory experiences that are fun.

Asterank Resources - Asteroid Mining Active

Asterank is a scientific and economic database of over 600,000 asteroids.

ASTRAX Parabolic Flight Service,
Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital)

Zero-G flight provider.

Astreas (Mission: Space Food) Space Tourism Support Development

At Mission: Space Food, we believe that food is a way to inspire connectivity to yourself and to the world around you. We're a team of Data-Driven Nutritionists, Astronauts, Michelin-Star chefs who are committed to creating the future of food.

Astreas (Mission: Space Food)
ASTRO Hub Software & Mission Control Early stage

Astropreneurs Hub serves as an independent hardware and source code supplier for ISS labs.

Aura Flights Memorial Spaceflight Service Active

Unique space burial service launches their ashes to the edge of space and releases them to travel the world on a breathtaking final journey.

Aura Flights
Avisa Space Space Entertainment,
Space Tourism Support,
Space Tourism Activities
Early stage

We are the world’s first online booking platform for space travel.

Avisa Space
Benson Space Company Suborbital Space Tourism Dormant

[As of 2006, Benson Space stated intentions to be first to market in the emerging multibillion-dollar space tourism or personal spaceflight industry, with the safest and lowest cost astronaut-making suborbital missions.

Beyond Burials Memorial Spaceflight Service Development

Space Burials are the new unique, affordable, and memorable way to celebrate the life of those we love. We send the remains of yourself or a loved one into space with a burial of your choosing so they can live forever in space.

Beyond Burials
Beyond Gravity (RUAG Space) Microgravity Research Payloads Development

A company that advances humankind and enables the exploration of the world and beyond.

Beyond Gravity (RUAG Space)
Blackswan Space Robotics Early stage

AI powered robotics ready to work in space.

Business Integra In-Orbit Computing Demonstrated

Our SG100 line of single board computers includes a space rated, high speed processor with HRDL and onboard storage capability.

Business Integra
Celestis Memorial Spaceflight Service Active

Whether you are looking to celebrate the life of your loved one or plan your own journey, you can trust Celestis to provide a truly mind-blowing space memorial amongst the stars!

da Vinci Project Suborbital Space Tourism Dormant

Privately funded, volunteer-staffed attempt to launch a reusable manned suborbital spacecraft. It was formed in 1996 specifically to be a contender for the Ansari X Prize for the first non-governmental reusable manned spacecraft. The project was based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and led by Brian Feeney.[

Diamonds in Space (Dianna Rae) Miscellaneous Early stage

The Exclusive Diamond Collection features a group of top tier quality lab-grown diamonds that have been hand selected by Dianna Rae to send to the International Space Station for the Diamonds in Space mission.

Diamonds in Space (Dianna Rae)
Elysium Space Miscellaneous,
Memorial Spaceflight Service

The Lunar Memorial delivers a symbolic portion of remains to the surface of the Moon, helping to create the quintessential commemoration.

Elysium Space
Enable Space (Telespazio Vega) Software & Mission Control,

ENABLE is the world’s first end-to-end cloud platform for space operations, allowing for easy, scalable and cost-efficient management of space assets. Featuring all the required capabilities to design, scale, operate and optimise your mission!

Enable Space (Telespazio Vega)
EOS Space Systems Active Debris Removal (ADR),
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Electro Optic Systems has achieved a major breakthrough in laser technology which significantly advances the global effort to mitigate space debris. The innovation involves the use of a Guide Star Laser to allow high speed adaptive optics to form laser beams that can track and move space debris at lower altitudes and faster speeds than ever previously possible

EOS-X Spaceship Company Suborbital Space Tourism Development

Genesis of Space Tourism - Guided by 3 principles: live limitless, disconnect to reconnect and be curious.

EOS-X Spaceship Company
Estee Lauder Space Entertainment,

Flying 10 bottles of skin serum to the ISS, where 3 will be auctioned off for charity when returned and 7 used for photography within the cupola, at $128,000.

Estee Lauder
Exo Space In-Orbit Computing Early stage

Exo-Space builds and operates on-orbit edge computing satellites. Our satellites can offer data analytic solutions to a wide range of industries.

Exo Space
Final Frontier Design Space Suits & Garments Development

We develop and manufacture next generation space suits for the emerging commercial space industry.

Final Frontier Design
GITAI Space Robotics Development

GITAI build the remote controlled robot to replace astronaut's operations in commercial space stations.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise In-Orbit Computing,
In-Orbit Data Storage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is preparing to send a second-generation Spaceborne Computer to the International Space Station later this month.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Human Aerospace Space Tourism Support,
Space Suits & Garments

To be the default choice for aerospace life science expertise in Australia.

Human Aerospace
Information Satellite Systems (ISS) JSC Lunar Navigation Development

ISS JSC already works on the functionality and composition of an upcoming Moon navigation system, which would include at least 24 spacecraft and which would provide people on the lunar surface with communication and positioning data.

Information Satellite Systems (ISS) JSC
International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) In-Space Manufacturing Demonstrated

IFF has commercialized the unique space rose note, which is now a fragrance ingredient in a perfume called Zen developed by Shiseido Cosmetics (America).

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)
ISS National Lab In-Space Manufacturing,
ISS Utilization Service

Responsible for managing all non-NASA research, and all investigations would require the capacity to utilize microgravity for Earth benefits.

ISS National Lab
Kepler Shipyards Space Suits & Garments,

Kepler Shipyards is a NewSpace engineering firm with its eyes set on being the leading provider in orbital and extraterrestrial landfall systems.

Kepler Shipyards
KosmoKurs Suborbital Space Tourism Early stage

The KosmoKurs website reports that within the framework of the Skolkovo Foundation, the company is developing a reusable suborbital space complex for tourist flights into space. The complex consists of a reusable launch vehicle and a reusable spacecraft designed to organize excursions to the altitude of Gagarin's orbit along an open trajectory. Space tourists will be offered a 15-minute flight in a group of six people, during which each tourist will be able to be in a state of zero gravity for 5-6 minutes, freely moving inside the cabin and having the opportunity to look at the Earth through a personal window. The ticket price will be $ 200-250 thousand, flight altitude - 180-220 km.

LeoLabs Space Traffic Management,
Space Situational Awareness

With a worldwide network of ground-based, phased-array radars that provide high resolution data on objects in LEO, LeoLabs is uniquely equipped to offer foundational mapping data and services to mitigate the risks of collisions. These services include rapid orbit determination, early operational support, and ongoing orbit awareness.

LifeShip Miscellaneous Development

Our mission is to backup Earth and spread life to the stars. We're starting with a genetic biobank on the Moon.

Lumi Space Resources - Energy,
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
Early stage

We are building the world's first global commercial satellite laser ranging (SLR) service. Ultra high precision space situational awareness (SSA) to enable a sustainable future for satellite operators.

Lumi Space
Lunaprise Miscellaneous Development

Lunaprise™ through its parent company Galactic Legacy Labs, will be sending an indestructible time capsule to the Moon with the data of 1 million "earth ambassadors" on the robotic Nova-C lander, built by Intuitive Machines.

Lunar Homestead Miscellaneous Idea

Identify gaps in our knowledge and technology needed for permanent Lunar settlement. Conduct basic research into these issues to identify and create solutions.

Lunar Homestead
Lunar Missions Miscellaneous Cancelled

Send the first digital storage payload to the Moon.

Lunar Missions
Lunargistics In-Space Logistics Early stage

Aiming to provide swift logistics in cislunar space.

Magellan Aerospace Impactor Probe Development

Develop a lunar impactor probe that will deliver instruments to the surface of the Moon, including sensors to detect water in the permanently shadowed regions of the Moon.

Magellan Aerospace
Magnestar Space Space Situational Awareness (SSA),
Active Debris Removal (ADR),
In-Orbit Inspection
Early stage

Builds technology to protect assets in harsh environments. We are preserving space assets against regolith, signal interference and small fragments of debris. Novel space situational sense and respond technology, to make humans safer in space.

Magnestar Space
Mars One Space Entertainment,
Commercial Mars Base

It is Mars One's goal to establish a human settlement on Mars.

Mars One
Martian Materials Marketplace / Store Active

Martian Materials is the leading space materials STEM program for school districts. In addition to Mars, we also have samples from the Moon, Asteroid Belt, Mercury and Earth.

Martian Materials
Moon Mark Space Entertainment,
Commercial Rover

Moon Mark captures the adventures of high school students from around the world who will compete in 2021 to design, build, land, and race two vehicles on the Moon. This inspirational story, culminating in touchdown, racing, and leaving scientific advances behind, will become the defining moment of their generation, unifying all people, in all cultures.

Moon Mark
Moonscape Lunar Data Analytics,
Remote Sensing
Early stage

To provide on-demand high-quality imagery of sites from low lunar orbit.

Motiv Space Systems Space Robotics Demonstrated

Motiv is a trusted robotics partner of NASA, JPL and private space companies, developing some of the most advanced space robotics in use today. Motiv’s robotics are powering Martian exploration, on-orbit assembly and more.

Mu Space Corp In-Orbit Data Storage,
In-Orbit Computing

We are currently developing the Space Internet Data Center (Space IDC). Space IDC is a data center satelltie system composing of modified server computers and communication systems for Earth-orbit and surface applications.

MyelinS Software & Mission Control Early stage

We revolutionize space exploration and space robotics using cutting-edge software technology. We empower space exploration robots with artificial intelligence & autonomy and we make new strides in the field of astronaut-robot collaboration.

Nebula Space Enterprise In-Orbit Data Storage,
In-Orbit Computing

Provider of a high-performance computing platform in space that will ultimately offer a full network on orbit.

Nebula Space Enterprise
ODIN Space Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

ODIN Space delivers data driven insight on invisible, yet lethal orbital debris in LEO and GEO via a network of space-based impact detectors.

ODIN Space
Okapi:Orbits Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

As experts in the field of space situational awareness and space surveillance and tracking we offer software solutions to safely operate satellites and contribute to a sustainable space environment.

Open Space Agency Space Tourism Support Development

Design a whisky glass to use in zero-gravity.

Open Space Agency
Opifex Global Commercial Astronaut Services Development

Providing off-world and commercial astronaut services for private industry.

Opifex Global
Orbite Commercial Astronaut Services,
Space Tourism Support,
Space Tourism Activities

Orbite is building a commercial astronaut training and spaceflight gateway complex.

OrbitsEdge In-Orbit Computing,
In-Orbit Data Storage,

Edge Computing & Analytics elevated to Low Earth Orbit. Provides the first commercial access to datacenter-grade computing and analytics in orbit.

Oxford Dynamics Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

Enabling machines to think like humans.

Oxford Dynamics
Rhodium Scientific Microgravity Science,
Microgravity Research Payloads

Collaborating with industry, academic, and government researchers by providing life-science consulting, flight-certified hardware, and access to the microgravity environment so current discoveries and testing capabilities can be expanded to improve life on Earth and in space.

Rhodium Scientific
Silentium Defence Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

A multi-sensor space observatory to detect, track and monitor space objects will be built in remote South Australia.

Silentium Defence
Skylogy Miscellaneous Concept

Revolutionize space biology and technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

Slingshot Aerospace Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

We build situational awareness technology to bring clarity to complex environments and create a safer, more sustainable world.

Slingshot Aerospace
Space 11 (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment) Space Entertainment Early stage

Space11 is a new Business Unit launched by ILBE thanks to an agreement with Space 11 Corp for the use of the brand and formats to produce entertainment events in outer space.

Space Adventures Suborbital Space Tourism,
Space Tourism Support,
Space Tourism Activities

Space Adventures, Inc. has entered into an agreement with SpaceX to fly private citizens on the first Crew Dragon free-flyer mission.

Space Adventures
Space Commodities Exchange Miscellaneous Concept

The Space Commodities Exchange will provide a regulated exchange for transactions and orbiting facilities for deliveries to take place.

Space Commodities Exchange
Space Crystals Miscellaneous Concept

A chance to be immortal by sending your DNA infused crystals to the surface of the moon.

Space Egg Miscellaneous Early stage

Hatching a new dimension for global space travel.

Space Egg
Space for Humanity Space Advocacy Active

A non-profit sending 10,000 citizen astronauts to the edge of space and beyond. Space for Humanity was founded to both democratize space and to increase human awareness to help the world solve its most intractable problems.

Space for Humanity
Space Hero Space Entertainment Development

A planned reality TV show aims to take one lucky contestant into the final frontier.

Space Hero
Space Lab Technologies Space Suits & Garments,
Space Architecture Office
Early stage

The purpose of Space Lab is to sustainably advance human space exploration through space science research and technology development.

Space Lab Technologies
Space Nation (Cohu Entertainment) Space Entertainment Active

Space Nation’s mission is to steer humanity into the promise of the New Space Age by delivering mind altering and otherworldly astronaut adventures on Earth and off-world. We have reinvented astronaut training to share with everyone the life-changing mindset and world-changing vision of astronauts.

Space Nation (Cohu Entertainment)
Space Perspective Suborbital Space Tourism,
High-Altitude Pseudosatellite (HAPS)

The off-world travel company taking people and research payloads to the edge of space.

Space Perspective
Space Pocket Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
ISS Utilization Service

Send your product into space for inspiration or science. Reach orbit easily & sustainably by sharing a satellite ride.

Space Pocket
Space Transport Corporation Suborbital Space Tourism Dormant

The company planned to provide small payload launch and space tourism services.

SpaceBorn United Miscellaneous Dormant

First bio-tech and mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023 and enable real human birth in space by 2028.

SpaceBorn United
SpaceLife Origin Miscellaneous Cancelled

SpaceLife Origin is the first bio-tech & mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space

SpaceLife Origin
Teledyne Brown Engineering ISS Utilization Service,
Microgravity Flight Service (LEO)

Earth-observation platform that will be installed on the exterior of the International Space Station and support up to four remote sensing instruments, or other payloads, simultaneously.

Teledyne Brown Engineering
The Lunar Resources Company Space Advocacy,
Commercial Moon Base

Our goal is to establish an enduring private sector destination that opens the path for you to visit the Moon, at a price you would expect to pay for the luxury-class European capital tour.

The Lunar Resources Company
Toucan Space Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
ISS Utilization Service

Toucan Space is the first company in the world allowing people to send any object to space or the International Space Station.

Toucan Space
Trillium Technologies Software & Mission Control Development

Focus on intelligent systems and communities for space exploration, environmental protection and human health.

Trillium Technologies
Unibap Software & Mission Control,
In-Orbit Computing

Intelligent automation solutions for the future – for Earth and space.

Voxa Space Laboratory Equipment Launched

Mochii scanning electron microscope flew to ISS in 2020.

Vyoma Space Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Development

Comprehensive, situational awareness of space objects, paired with intelligent decision-making and planning, translating into safe, sustainable and automated satellite operations. At Vyoma, we deliver confidence in space.

Vyoma Space
Winterwinds Robotics Space Robotics Development

WinterWinds Robotics is developing a safer, smarter robotics platform that will help humans in harsh environments live to experience another sunrise, wherever that may be: Earth, the moon, Mars, and beyond.

XAerospace Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Idea

Focused on providing on-orbit services to satellite operators and launch providers. Our long-term goal will be to create an ecosystem of products ranging from space capable robotics to spatial situational awareness (SSA).

XCOR Aerospace Suborbital Space Tourism,
Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital)

The Lynx was planned to be capable of carrying a pilot and a passenger or payload on sub-orbital spaceflights over 100 kilometres (62 mi). 

Zero 2 Infinity Suborbital Space Tourism Development

We are building a brighter future in which access to Space is frequent, affordable, secure and reliable for everyone.

Zero 2 Infinity