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Last updated: 2022-10-01

Name Service Status Description Logo
Axiom Space Commercial Space Station,
Commercial ISS Module,
Space Suits & Garments

Intends to build ISS's privately-owned successor. Plan to attach Axiom module to ISS in 2024 and later detach.

Axiom Space
Bigelow Space Operations Commercial Space Station,
Surface Habitats

Bigelow Space Operations, will handles sales, customer service and the operations of the commercial space stations that Bigelow Aerospace will manufacture.

Bigelow Space Operations
Blue Origin Commercial Space Station Development

Blue Origin and Sierra Space have partnered to develop Orbital Reef, a commercially owned and operated space station to be built in low-Earth orbit, which will start operating in the second half of this decade.

Blue Origin
DEHAS Limited Commercial Space Station Early stage

Applied for NASA's Commercial Low Earth Orbit Destinations.

Exodus Orbitals Commercial Space Station Concept

Develop scalable artificial gravity technology that will become a universal solution for any space colonisation program.

Exodus Orbitals
Galactic Harbour Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Commercial Space Station,
Propellant Refuel Station,
Propellant Refilling Station

The Galactic Harbour is the unification of Transportation and Enterprise, a transportation infrastructure delivering cargo to space; routinely and inexpensively

Galactic Harbour
Galactic Suite Design Commercial Space Station,
Commercial Lunar Lander

The company develops concepts, design and interiors of habitats and vehicles.

Gateway Foundation Commercial Space Station Concept

Space station that will facilitate humankind’s migration into space.

Gateway Foundation
Hamon Industries Commercial Space Station Early stage

Applied for NASA's Commercial Low Earth Orbit Destinations.

InterPlanetary Ventures Commercial Space Station Concept

Goal is to create the terrestrial and space based infrastructure required to support humanity's permanent expansion into the bountiful reaches of our solar system.

InterPlanetary Ventures
Leviathan Space Industries Commercial Space Station Concept

Goal is to build a permanent presence in outer space through a Space Station Network, that will facilitate travel to Mars and the other planets in the Solar system.

Leviathan Space Industries
Maverick Space Systems Commercial Space Station Early stage

Applied for NASA's Commercial Low Earth Orbit Destinations.

Maverick Space Systems
MirCorp Commercial Space Station,
Space Entertainment,
Commercial Astronaut Services

MirCorp was created by visionaries who understood that the time had arrived when the private sector was able to run manned space operations.

Nexus Aurora Commercial Space Station,
Surface Habitats,
In-Space Manufacturing,
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)

Initially brought together for the Mars Society City State Competition, we now collaborate around the globe to develop solutions to the hardest challenges of space while educating and connecting with one another.

Nexus Aurora
Northrop Grumman Commercial Space Station Development

NASA awarded $125.6 million to develop designs of space stations and other commercial destinations in space. 

Northrop Grumman
Orion Span Commercial Space Station Development

World's First Luxury Space Hotel in orbit 200 miles above the Earth's surface launching in 2021.

Orion Span
Sierra Space (Sierra Nevada Corp, SNC) Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Commercial Space Station

Reusable automated cargo lifting-body spaceplane. Space Station plans unveiled.

Sierra Space (Sierra Nevada Corp, SNC)
Space Entertainment Enterprise Commercial ISS Module,
Space Entertainment

Space Entertainment Enterprises (SEE) is a ground-breaking new location-based entertainment and sports company that will bring humanity closer to its dream of being a multiplanetary civilization.

Space Entertainment Enterprise
Space Industries Incorporated Commercial Space Station Dormant

Space Industries Incorporated was a company formed in the 1980s for the purpose of building a privately owned space station, which was to be called the Industrial Space Facility (ISF). At the time, the idea of private development in space was a pioneering one.

Space Island Group Commercial Space Station,
Space Tug,
Space Tourism Activities

Dedicated to the development of commerce, research, manufacturing and tourism in space.

Space Island Group
Space Islands Commercial Space Station,
Space Tourism Activities

Commercial space station project proposed by Hilton International in 1999 to be constructed from used space shuttle fuel tanks.

Space Villages (Orbital Outpost X) Commercial Space Station Early stage

Creating a Space Village in Low Earth Orbit for scientific exploration, low gravity manufacturing and more.

Space Villages (Orbital Outpost X)
Synodic Space Settlement Commercial Space Station Early stage

We primarily focus on research, design, and development of a stellar space settlement system. It would be able to inhabit around 12500 people simultaneously.

Synodic Space Settlement
ThinkOrbital (Think Orbital) Commercial Space Station,
Space Construction Company,
Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
On-Orbit Servicing,
Space Tug

Designing and manufacturing high volume, cost-efficient habitable space structures for Low-Earth-Orbit and beyond.

ThinkOrbital (Think Orbital)
VAST Commercial Space Station Development

Revolutionizing space stations with artificial gravity. Our goal is to expand life and our civilization past a single planet out into the solar system and then beyond.