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Last updated: 2020-02-25

Name Service Status Description Logo
Ceres Robotics Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Concept Build robots for the construction of facilities and habitats on the Moon, Mars, asteroids and beyond. Ceres Robotics
Lunar Outpost Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Early stage Lunar Outpost is an advanced technology company with a focus on developing technologies that have both terrestrial and space applications. Lunar Outpost
Exodus Orbitals Commercial Space Station Concept Develop scalable artificial gravity technology that will become a universal solution for any space colonisation program. Exodus Orbitals
Gateway Foundation Commercial Space Station Concept Space station that will facilitate humankind’s migration into space. Gateway Foundation
InterPlanetary Ventures Commercial Space Station Dormant Goal is to create the terrestrial and space based infrastructure required to support humanity's permanent expansion into the bountiful reaches of our solar system. InterPlanetary Ventures
Leviathan Space Industries Commercial Space Station Concept Goal is to build a permanent presence in outer space through a Space Station Network, that will facilitate travel to Mars and the other planets in the Solar system. Leviathan Space Industries
Orion Span Commercial Space Station In development World's First Luxury Space Hotel in orbit 200 miles above the Earth's surface launching in 2021. Orion Span
Axiom Space Commercial Space Station,
Commercial ISS Module
In development Intends to build ISS's privately-owned successor. Plan to attach Axiom module to ISS in 2020 and later detach. Axiom Space
Bigelow Space Operations Commercial Space Station,
Surface Habitats
In development Bigelow Space Operations, will handles sales, customer service and the operations of the commercial space stations that Bigelow Aerospace will manufacture. Bigelow Space Operations
Space Cargo Unlimited (Space-CU, Space Biology Unlimited)) In-Space Manufacturing,
ISS Utilization Service
Early stage Dedicated to seizing the potential of microgravity research for commercial applications on Earth. Space Cargo Unlimited (Space-CU, Space Biology Unlimited))
Airbus ISS Utilization Service In development Bartolomeo enables the hosting of external payloads in low-Earth orbit, on-board the International Space Station ISS. Airbus
Alpha Space ISS Utilization Service Active Owns and operates MISSE, the only commercial external test facility in space. Alpha Space
Craig Technologies ISS Utilization Service Active On-orbit external experimental facility hosted on the NanoRacks International Space Station External Platform (NREP). Craig Technologies
ICE Cubes (Space Applications Services) ISS Utilization Service Active ICE Cubes Service is a simple and cost-effective way for your experiment or technology to fly onboard the International Space Station. ICE Cubes (Space Applications Services)
Magnitude.io ISS Utilization Service Active ExoLab is an experiment platform that brings together classrooms and the International Space Station in a collaborative investigation of the effects of microgravity on living things. Magnitude.io
ProXopS ISS Utilization Service Starting soon Fly your research and tech demo experiments to the International Space Station (ISS) with our Research Facilities coined as Faraday. ProXopS
NanoRacks ISS Utilization Service,
Commercial ISS Airlock,
Commercial Space Station
Active NanoRacks operates the only commercial laboratory in outer space. NanoRacks
Space Tango ISS Utilization Service,
Microgravity Flight Service (LEO)
In development Research and manufacturing in the microgravity environment – from design to implementation. Space Tango
Gateway Space Microgravity Flight Service (LEO) Early stage Microgravity Science. Experiment Set-Ups and Kits on International Space Station, & Low-Earth Orbit for Kids K-12 including ThumbSats and Cubesats. Gateway Space
Kayser Italia Microgravity Flight Service (LEO) Active Bioreactor Express is a service which aims to establish an “express” way to perform scientific and/or technological experiments on board the ISS. Kayser Italia
ResearchSat Microgravity Flight Service (LEO) Early stage To enable researchers around the world to run their experiments in space with our customizable & affordable satellite infrastructures. ResearchSat
Space Rider (ESA) Microgravity Flight Service (LEO) In development Space Rider aims to provide Europe with an affordable, independent, reusable end-to-end integrated space transportation system for routine access and return from low orbit. Space Rider (ESA)
SpaceX Microgravity Flight Service (LEO) Dormant A free-flying, reusable spacecraft capable of hosting pressurized and unpressurized payloads to and from space. SpaceX
SpacePharma Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
ISS Utilization Service
Active Provides researchers access to the unique environment of microgravity, using cutting edge remote controlled labs. SpacePharma
yuri (kiwi) Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
ISS Utilization Service
In development We offer an end-to-end service incl. mission definition, hardware selection/development, launch and return. We offer all microgravity platforms (not solely ISS). yuri (kiwi)
Guangmei Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
Microgravity Flight Service (Reusable Satellite)
In development Reusable biological commercial satellite to carry out space-borne and space biology experiments. Guangmei
Space Forge Microgravity Flight Service (LEO),
Microgravity Flight Service (Reusable Satellite)
Early stage We are developing a reusable manufacturing satellite that uses the benefits of space to make new materials that are not possible on Earth. Space Forge
Blue Origin Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital) Starting soon Our reusable suborbital launch vehicle is taking payloads - and soon you - to space. Blue Origin
Luna Design and Innovation Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital) Active We believe that space is a research platform and help biotech and pharma companies plan research missions to space. Our goal is to advance health for humanity so people can lead full, healthy, and purposeful lives in space and on Earth. Luna Design and Innovation
Virgin Galactic Microgravity Flight Service (Suborbital) Starting soon Virgin Galactic operates the reusable SpaceShipTwo spaceflight system. Virgin Galactic
AeroG Parabolic Flight Service Early stage Following the Startup Weekend Space Edition in Toulouse in April 2019, we are exploring the needs of users to open zero-g flight to as many people as possible! AeroG
Air Zero G Parabolic Flight Service Active Air Zero G is a partnership involving Novespace, a CNES subsidiary, dedicated to scintific parabolic flights for 25 years, and Avico, French airline broker leader. Air Zero G
Space Affairs Parabolic Flight Service Active During our zeroG flights (or parabolic flights) you will make a deep friendship with different g-forces. min. 10 times in a row! Space Affairs
Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) Parabolic Flight Service Active Float like an Astronaut and fly like a superhero in weightlessness. A ZERO-G Experience is the only one of its kind. Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G)
4th Planet Logistics Surface Habitats Early stage Overarching goal is to create and test various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars. 4th Planet Logistics
AI Spacefactory Surface Habitats In development Makers of smart buildings, 3D printed constructs, and off-world habitats. AI Spacefactory
Crowdspace Surface Habitats Concept Taking part in Mars Colony Prize contest organized by Mars Society. But the contest itself is not the limit. Based on our initial concept, we are currently drawing a roadmap to make a colony on Mars happen. Crowdspace
Humature Surface Habitats Early stage Humature is a cutting edge bolt-on space architecture office that provides design services for private aerospace companies. Humature
ILC Dover Surface Habitats In development Continues to develop and manufacture a variety of inflatable habitats, air-locks and shelters for use in earth orbit and lunar / planetary exploration. ILC Dover
Instarz Surface Habitats Early stage We design and manufacture self-sustainable space habitats and space technologies. Instarz
LavaHive Surface Habitats Concept Our future is cast in lava. LavaHive