Space Transport ServicesTransporting raw materials and products

Last updated: 2020-02-25

Name Service Status Description Logo
CubeRover Commercial Rover In development Our robotic rovers are the first ever of their kind. CubeRover
Deep Space Systems Commercial Rover In development One of nine companies selected for NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. Deep Space Systems
Exobotics Commercial Rover Early stage Developing the world’s first modular roving platform, offering low-cost, high-performance solutions for lunar operation. Exobotics
Spacebit Commercial Rover In development Spacebit is developing the world's first walking lunar rover that will go the Moon in 2021 Spacebit
Team Indus Commercial Rover Starting soon Deep technology company, engineering path-breaking solutions that take on critical challenges for humanity. Team Indus
Ceres Robotics Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Concept Build robots for the construction of facilities and habitats on the Moon, Mars, asteroids and beyond. Ceres Robotics
Lunar Outpost Commercial Rover,
Surface Habitats
Early stage Lunar Outpost is an advanced technology company with a focus on developing technologies that have both terrestrial and space applications. Lunar Outpost
Offworld Resources - Asteroid Mining,
Commercial Rover
In development We envision millions of smart robots working under human supervision on and offworld, turning the inner solar system into a better, gentler, greener place for life and civilization. Offworld
Atomos Space Tug In development Building a fleet of spacecraft to move satellites and other assets between orbits and to other destinations using efficient electric propulsion. Atomos
Epic Aerospace Space Tug In development We are launching the first reusable space-tug, and connecting every point in space. Epic Aerospace
Momentus Space Tug In development Building the in-space transportation industry with extraterrestrial in situ resource utilization in mind. Momentus
Moog Space Tug In development The Moog Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV) is a propulsive tug for secondary payload deployment. Moog
XPLORE Space Tug Early stage Xplore is flying commercial science missions to the Moon and asteroid on our XCRAFT. XPLORE
Siderus Space Tug,
Transport Service (Re-Entry)
Concept An Internal SNC Dream Chaser Module for Landing Space Resources Siderus
Boeing Transport Service (Earth-LEO) Demonstration done Up to 7 people and reusable up to 10 missions. Boeing
Reaction Engines Transport Service (Earth-LEO) Concept Single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane. Reaction Engines
Sierra Nevada Corp Transport Service (Earth-LEO) In development Reusable automated cargo lifting-body spaceplane. Sierra Nevada Corp
SpaceX Transport Service (Earth-LEO) Active Dragon is a free-flying spacecraft designed to deliver both cargo and people to orbiting destinations. SpaceX
SpaceX Transport Service (Earth-LEO),
Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Transport Service (LEO-Moon)
In development SpaceX's Starship and Super Heavy Rocket represent a fully reusable transportation system designed to service all Earth orbit needs as well as the Moon and Mars. SpaceX
Astrobotic Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development The Peregrine Lander precisely and safely delivers payloads to lunar orbit and the lunar surface on each mission. Astrobotic
ispace Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development Lunar robotic exploration company that is developing micro-robotic technology to provide a low-cost and frequent transportation service to and from Moon. ispace
Moon Express Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development Redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its mysteries and resources for the benefit of humanity. Moon Express
ORBITBeyond Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development Cislunar transportation company providing global customers with reliable, repeated and affordable services to the lunar surface. ORBITBeyond
PTS Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development Bringing down the cost of exploration and building reusable space infrastructures so more people benefit from access to space. PTS
SpaceIL Transport Service (LEO-Moon) In development Non-profit organization aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon. SpaceIL
ULA Transport Service (LEO-Moon) Concept Refuelable modular upper stage that can can be also used as propellant depot and land on the Moon. ULA
Firefly Aerospace Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander
Concept Firefly Aerospace is committed to providing economical and convenient access to space for small payloads through the design, manufacture and operation of reliable launch vehicles. Firefly Aerospace
Masten Space Systems Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Lunar Lander
Concept XL-1, is a small, single-use lander capable of placing a 100-kg payload on the lunar surface. Masten Space Systems
Draper Laboratory Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
Commercial Rover,
Commercial Lunar Lander
Concept We believe exciting things happen when we combine our diverse disciplines to imagine and create new solutions. Draper Laboratory
Crow Industries Transport Service (LEO-Moon),
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)
Early stage Designs, develops, and deploys technologies to explore the harshest environments known to humankind, both on and off Earth. Crow Industries
JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Transport Service (Re-Entry) Demonstration done Small re-entry capsule to return payloads from ISS. JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
MKB Raduga (Raduga Design Bureau) Transport Service (Re-Entry) Discontinued 1.5 m long, 60 cm in diameter, and had an unloaded mass of about 350 kg. Could return about 150 kg. Used about 10 times. MKB Raduga (Raduga Design Bureau)
Shackleton Energy Transport Service (Re-Entry) Dormant Small payload recovery. MOA signed in 2015 to use ISS. Shackleton Energy
SpaceWorks Flight (Terminal Velocity) Transport Service (Re-Entry) In development Recoverable RED-4U and RED-25 will offer payload compartments for safe return of space-based manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceutical products. NASA Phase III SBIR awarded in 2016. SpaceWorks Flight (Terminal Velocity)
Intuitive Machines Transport Service (Re-Entry),
Commercial Lunar Lander,
Transport Service (LEO-Moon)
In development Payload sizes start at 21.5 kg for the smallest ISS deployed version. Intuitive Machines