In-Space Economy LandscapeEcosystem Map

Human Spaceflight & Landers

List of commercial crewed spacecraft for human orbital and suborbital spaceflight. Human Landing Systems for Moon and Mars are also included. Some not-flown Space Tourism solutions like balloons are under Miscellaneous.


Blue Origin



Radian Space

Space Pioneer (Beijing Tianbing Technology)

Space Walker



Virgin Galactic


Cargo Transportation & Landers

List of commercial cargo transportation solutions including landers, re-entry capsules and cargo resupply solutions.

Surface Spacecraft

List of commercial surface spacecraft including rovers, hoppers, drones for Moon, Mars and asteroids.

Surface Habitats & Structures

List of commercial surface habitats, facilities and bases for Moon and Mars.

4th Planet Logistics

AI Spacefactory

Astrea (Astreia)

Astroport Space Technologies (XArc, Exploration Architecture)


Deep Space Ecology

Hassell Studio


ILC Dover

Indigo Aerospace Design


Interstellar Lab



Proudly Human

Relativity Space

SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture)

Spartan Space

Stellar Amenities


The Lunar Resources Company

United Space Structures

Space Resources

List of space resources, asteroid mining and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) commercial activities. Partial overlap with in-space manufacturing in case of producing and offering pure substances made in space.

Space Utilities

List of commercial space utilities including in-space communications, propellant refilling, in-space electricity, data storage, on-orbit computing. Space-based solar power and power beaming have been included.

In-Space Transportation

List of in-space transportation services including orbital transfer vehicles, space tugs, active debris removal, propellant depos and on-orbit servicing. Sometimes called space logistics or space mobility but products such as propulsion modules are not included.


List of various in-space economy and new space economy companies, organisations and resources such as space suits, commercial astronauts, space tourism support and space traffic management.

Last updated: 2024-01-01.